Muhurat Trading: A Tradition of Prosperity

Discover the significance, history, and rituals of Muhurat Trading, a unique blend of tradition and modern stock market dynamics.

Significance of Muhurat Trading

Muhurat Trading, or 'Samvat Trading' marks the auspicious start of the Hindu financial year on Diwali, symbolizing hope for prosperity in stocks and commodities

Origins and Evolution

Muhurat Trading's roots in ancient India, with financial ledger initiation on Diwali, evolve to connect with India's cultural heritage and infuse spirituality into modern finance

Timing and Duration

Muhurat Trading's one-hour window, guided by Vedic astrology, announced before Diwali, infuses purpose into traders, setting a positive tone for the year

Rituals and Beliefs

Muhurat Trading blends rituals with finance, invoking blessings for favourable outcomes, uniting spirituality and finance

Market Dynamics

Unique dynamics, optimism boost trading. Equities, commodities, derivatives traded. Sets tone for the year

How to Participate

Participating in Muhurat Trading is straightforward. Use regular trading accounts on NSE or BSE. Timing varies yearly; in 2023, it's on November 12, 18:15-19:15. Trade as on any other day.