MMTC Shares Jump 10% in a Day

The share price of MMTC jumped 10% in a rally today as of 12:00 p.m.

174% Jump in The Last 6 Months

In the last 6 months, the stock prices jumped 174%, and in the last 1 month it has jumped 37%, showing multi-bagger properties.

About MMTC Ltd

- Established in 1963 - Key contributor to India's   foreign exchange earnings - Leading international trading   company with a $10 billion   turnover - First "FIVE STAR EXPORT    HOUSE" in the public sector - Largest non-oil importer in   India

MMTC's Trade Activities

- Diverse trade activities   including Third Country Trade,   Joint Ventures, and Link Deals - A vast international trade   network, including a subsidiary   in Singapore - Presence in Asia, Europe,   Africa, Oceania, and Americas

MMTC's Business Sectors

- Engaged in Metals, Fertilizers, Agro Products, Precious Metal, Mineral & Ores, and Hydrocarbons