From Juice Shop to Rs. 200 Crore Per Day

Chandrakar and Uppal's journey from juice and tyre shops to a Rs 200 crore daily betting empire.

Money Laundering Under Scrutiny

Enforcement Directorate probes Mahadev Online Book's alleged Rs 5,000 crore money laundering.

UAE Headquarters of the Operation

The gambling empire spanned UAE, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, and operated from the UAE.

Humble Beginnings in Bhilai

Chandrakar ran a juice shop, and Uppal owned a tyre shop before venturing into the world of betting.

The App's Expansive Network

Mahadev app is operated through a vast network of panel operators guiding users in betting.

A Lavish Wedding Raises Eyebrows

Chandrakar's extravagant Rs 200 crore wedding shines a light on the betting racket.

Bollywood Celebrities Under Scanner

Celebrities face ED scrutiny for involvement in the Mahadev app or performing at the lavish wedding.