Made-in-India iPhones on Launch Day?

iPhone 15, made in India, goes global on launch day - a production milestone!                  Read More>>

India's Growing Role

This move reflects India's increasing production capability and Apple's shift from relying on Chinese manufacturing.

Production at Foxconn

iPhone 15 production started at Foxconn's Tamil Nadu factory, aiming to reduce the gap with China-based manufacturing.

Potential Delays

There may be minor delays due to logistics challenges, but this marks a significant step in India's role in Apple's supply chain.

India's Diversification

India's importance in Apple's diversification strategy is growing, thanks to government incentives and global trade dynamics.

iPhone 15 Highlights

iPhone 15 promises major updates, including camera improvements and a new 3-nanometer processor, aiming to boost sales.

Apple's Indian Expansion

Apple sees India as a vital retail and production market, with strong iPhone sales growth in the region.