Lupin's Strategic Move

Lupin announces acquisition of five legacy brands from A Menarini, reinforcing its presence in the Indian pharmaceutical market

Expanding Portfolio

Lupin gains ownership of Piclin, Menocytl, Sucramal O, Pyridium, and Distaclor, strengthening its product range

Successful Marketing Partnership

Lupin marketed these brands since 2021, and this acquisition marks a successful collaboration with A Menarini

Lupin's Vision

Lupin aims to broaden its footprint in the Indian market, delivering greater value to stakeholders and communities

Menarini's Perspective

Menarini India expresses satisfaction with Lupin carrying forward the legacy of these brands, highlighting their strong collaboration

Collaborative Efforts

Menarini India, a subsidiary of the Menarini Group, celebrates the evolution of their partnership with Lupin

Strengthening Pharma Presence

Lupin's strategic acquisition underscores its commitment to advancing the Indian pharmaceutical sector