L&T Shares Jump 12% in One Month

L&T shares surge 2% to an all-time high as they gear up for a significant buyback settlement

Buyback in the Spotlight

Settlement, return of unaccepted shares, and payout to eligible shareholders to happen on September 28

Retail Investor Enthusiasm

Retail investors show a 100% acceptance ratio (AR) in the buyback, according to X (formerly Twitter) consensus

Oversubscribed Buyback

L&T's Rs 10,000-crore buyback sees strong demand, oversubscribed 7.2 times, led by QIBs

Impressive Response

Offers for 22.5 crore shares received against 3.13 crore on offer, totalling Rs 72,160 crore

Stock's Recent Performance

L&T stock climbs 12% in one month, outperforming the Sensex by 10%, reflecting investor confidence

Enhancing Shareholder Value

L&T's buyback aims to boost return on equity for shareholders, maximizing overall shareholder value