L&T Finance Holdings Limited Q2 Results 2023

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Highlights of the Result

· Revenue from operation stood at ₹ 3,213.84 Cr · Net profit saw a whopping 46% YoY jump · Total income grew by 14% YoY and stood at ₹ 2,175 Cr

Performance Highlights

· New customer loans disbursed   to More than 6.4 Lakhs · The Net profit Reached to                ₹ 594.22 Cr · Customer base of 1.46 Cr in   Rural and 72 Lakhs in Urban   (Approx)

The Book value and EPS

The book value per share was reported to be ₹ 89.3 – 8% higher than the same quarter last year. The earnings per share (EPS) went up by 46% to reach ₹ 2.4 per share.

Operational Highlights

· The retail book has shown a  remarkable 33% year-on-year  growth · The continuation of expanding   the reach with an active   customer franchise of over 90   lakhs

Source: L&T Finance Holdings Limited Financial Report – Q2 Report, BSE