L&T Announces Rs 10,000 Crore Buyback

Larsen & Toubro announced a massive buyback of shares.  Read More>>

L&T Shares Rally on Buyback News

L&T stocks surge, hitting the day's high at Rs 2,931.65, up 0.85% from the previous close.

Buyback Price Revised to Rs 3,200

L&T raises final buyback price from Rs 3,000 to Rs. 3200, plans to repurchase 3.12 crore shares, reducing equity by 2.22%.

Record Date Sets Buyback Eligibility

September 12 marked the record date for L&T's Rs 10,000 crore buyback, determining eligible shareholders.

L&T's Strategic Focus on RoE

R. Shankar Raman, Whole Time Director & CFO, emphasizes RoE improvement in the company's strategic plan.

Funding Buyback with Surplus Cash

L&T intends to use internal accruals, surplus, and cash balances to finance the Rs 10,000 crore buyback.

Share Buyback: Enhancing Value

L&T's buyback aims to give cash back, tax-efficiently, reducing available shares and increasing stock value.