Jio Financial Services Listing

Jio Financial Services is now listed on exchanges.

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JFSL shares were listed at ₹265 (BSE) & ₹ 262 (NSE). Shares will be in T-group for 10 days, available only for delivery trading. No intraday.

JFSL Listing Price

Listing Performance

JFSL shares dropped 5% on listing: ₹ 251.75 (BSE), ₹ 248.90 (NSE). RIL is down 1% to Rs. 2529.00. Shares will be removed from NSE & BSE indices after T+3 days from listing.

What next for JFSL?

Jio Financial eyes finance sector leadership: NBFC, credit focus, expanding to digital payments, asset management, and insurance in future.