Empowering Women

Over 50 Crore Jan Dhan Bank Accounts Opened in India, with 56% belonging to women, heralding financial inclusion                 Swipe for more>>

Remarkable Milestone

India crosses 50 Crore Jan Dhan accounts, emphasizing financial accessibility and inclusion

Women's Financial Empowerment

A significant 56% of these accounts are held by women, driving gender equality in banking

Rural Prosperity

67% of Jan Dhan accounts originate in rural/semi-urban areas, bridging the urban-rural financial divide

Growing Deposits

Total deposits exceed ₹2.03 lakh crore, with average balances rising to ₹4,076, fostering a savings culture

Social Benefits

More than 5.5 Crore accounts receive Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) benefits, supporting welfare programs

The Success Mantra

Jan Dhan's success story reflects financial empowerment, gender equality, and rural prosperity, making banking accessible to all