Are You Ready for 2024 IPO Boom?

India's primary market set to surge with over ₹1 lakh crore in IPOs, double the 2023 figure. Large-sized offerings and average size doubling indicate robust growth. Read More>>

Approval Surge

28 companies eyeing ₹30,000 crore have SEBI approval for IPOs. Additional 36 with draft proposals targeting over ₹50,000 crore. Unprecedented momentum in the market.

Ola Electric's EV Milestone

Ola Electric files DRHP, plans ₹8,300-crore IPO. Aiming to become the first EV startup with a fresh public offer. An industry-shaping move in the electric vehicle sector.

Swiggy's $1 Billion Plan

SoftBank-backed Swiggy gearing up for $1 billion public issue. Bankers suggest the share sale may happen later this year. Strong market dynamics fueling IPO activity.

Byju's Tutoring IPO

Byju's plans $1 billion IPO for its tutoring arm Aakash. Education startup navigating the public market. Reflects the growth and potential in the online education sector.

Oyo's $1 Billion Aspiration

Oyo's parent, Oravel Stays, seeks $1 billion in IPO after a year's delay. Hospitality unicorn tapping into the public market for growth. Watch for this market move.