Investors Wealth Surge in India

The wealth of affluent investors rose according to a survey by Global Wealth Blueprint.                  Read More>>

Rise in Net Worth

84% of affluent Indian investors saw a rise in net worth over three years, reveals Global Wealth Blueprint survey.

Economic Volatility Outlook

39% believe challenges won't impact wealth creation significantly, while 35% see an opportunity for long-term prosperity.

Diverse Investments Trend

Affluent investors in India favour diversified portfolios, finding appeal in digital assets, private equity, and hedge funds.

Digital Asset Ownership

86% of Indian affluent investors own digital assets like cryptocurrency, NFTs, and stablecoins, indicating strong market interest.

Optimism in AI Integration

75% believe that AI-driven advisory enhances portfolio adjustments, while around two-thirds view AI as a valuable monitoring tool.

Mutual Funds' Endurance

Despite diversification trends, 72% of Indian affluent investors rely on mutual funds, reflecting trust in this asset class.