Influential Indians in TIME 100 AI List

Meet the Indians and individuals of Indian descent recognized in TIME's inaugural list of AI pioneers.  Read More>>

Manu Chopra: AI for Equity

Manu Chopra's Karya pays fair wages to AI workers, aiming to uplift communities through wealth redistribution.

Neal Khosla: Revolutionizing Telehealth

Neal Khosla's Curai Health leverages AI to provide accessible virtual care, improving medical access for all.

Kalika Bali: Inclusive AI

Kalika Bali pioneers inclusivity in AI at Microsoft Research India, breaking language barriers and eliminating biases.

Tushita Gupta: AI for Textile Recycling

Tushita Gupta's Refiberd revolutionizes textile recycling with AI-powered identification of material composition.

Wadhwani Brothers: AI for Social Good

The Wadhwani brothers deploy AI solutions for societal benefit, focusing on healthcare, education, and agriculture.

Pushmeet Kohli: AI Safety Champion

Pushmeet Kohli leads AI projects at Google DeepMind, emphasizing responsible and reliable AI for a better world.