IndusInd Bank's Pathbreaking Innovation

IndusInd Bank introduces a game-changing virtual commercial card for seamless cross-border transactions.

Enhanced Security

In partnership with Visa and Juspay, this virtual card offers advanced security features, ensuring complete control over international expenses.

Catering to Corporates

Corporates and travel agents benefit from this virtual commercial credit card, simplifying bookings in various foreign currencies.

Customized Transactions

Users can create virtual cards with specific limits and expiry dates, enhancing security and convenience.

Customer-Centric Approach

IndusInd Bank is committed to meeting evolving customer needs and providing innovative solutions for businesses and individuals.

Visa's Partnership

Visa collaborates with IndusInd Bank to address the unique requirements of businesses involved in cross-border travel.

Juspay, in partnership with IndusInd Bank and Visa, offers an intuitive virtual commercial card solution for smoother payment processes.

Streamlining Payments