Indigo to Charge Extra for Fuel!

IndiGo introduces fuel charges, Rs 300 to Rs 1000, due to rising fuel prices.

Fuel Cost Surge

Aviation turbine fuel (ATF) price hikes has led IndiGo to adjust fares, with ATF being a significant part of operating expenses

Fare Structure by Distance

IndiGo's fuel charges vary by distance, ranging from Rs 300 for up to 500 km to Rs 1000 for longer journeys

A Rarity Since 2018

This marks a return of fuel surcharge, last seen in 2018, as airlines cope with rising fuel prices

Government's Role

The Central government hiked jet fuel prices by 14% earlier this month contributing to the airline industry's cost challenges

IndiGo's Dominance

IndiGo, with over 60% of the domestic market share, reports a strong net profit despite rising fuel costs

Industry Impact

The airline's decision highlights the broader impact of fuel price fluctuations on the aviation sector, affecting ticket prices for travellers