India’s New Obsession: Mutual Fund SIPs

Monthly SIP collections surged to Rs 15,814 crore, Mutual Fund SIPs doubled in three years.  Read More>>

SIP Book Growth

SIPs now constitute 18% of the industry Assets Under Management, driven by better awareness and attractive returns in equity markets.

Returns Drive SIP Popularity

Equities' strong performance encourages investors to shift from underperforming real estate, driving SIP adoption.

Goal-Based Investing Crucial

Advisors stress the need to align SIPs with specific financial goals, emphasizing risk tolerance and time horizons.

Questions on Redemption Period

Approximately half of equity assets are redeemed within two years, prompting questions about reinvestment patterns.

Holding Period Insights

Database trends suggest investors tend to hold equity funds for over five years, indicating a preference for long-term investment.

Digital Platforms' Influence

Direct investing platforms play a significant role, allowing investors to initiate SIPs independently, without a distributor's involvement.