Indian Stock Market Now Ranked Fifth in the World

Indian equities soar, hitting all-time high market cap. What's propelling this surge beyond Rs 333 Lakh Crore? Read More >>

Global Ranking: India in the Top 5

India claims the fifth spot in global market value, surging ahead. The total market cap of BSE listed stocks hit an all-time-high of Rs. 333 Lakh Crores.

Nifty's Resurgence: Breaking 20,000

Nifty regains strength, crossing 20,000 after the Fed hints at a rate cut.

FII and DII Trends: Changing Fortunes

Foreign investors shift gears, turning net buyers. FIIs and DIIs are reshaping the market landscape.

India's Future GDP Projections

CLSA predicts India's GDP ascent to $29 trillion by 2047 and $45 trillion by 2052. As India's GDP rises, market cap mirrors the ascent.

Bulls' Vision: Doubling Indices

Market experts foresee Nifty and Sensex doubling in the next 5 years.