India: World’s Fastest-Growing Major Economy

India's Q2 GDP hits 7.6%, maintaining its position as the world's fastest-growing major economy. Dive into the data that sets India apart>>

Robust Growth Despite Expectations

Economists anticipated a slowdown, but India surprised with a resilient 7.6% growth in Q2FY24.

RBI Predictions vs. Reality

RBI forecasted 6.5%, but India surpassed expectations.

Inflation Concerns and Policy Outlook

Chief Economic Advisor highlights a thriving economy amid persistent food inflation concerns.

Sectoral Breakdown: Agriculture and Manufacturing

NSO data reveals Agriculture GVA growth at 1.2% and a manufacturing surge of 13.9%. India's April-September growth at 7.7%.

Manufacturing Resurgence

Manufacturing sector, holding 17% of the economy, skyrockets by 13.9% YoY in Q2.