India Beats Japan & UK in Mobile Speed

India's mobile speed outshines developed nations in a surprising turn of events! 

India Leads in Mobile Speed

India surpasses the UK and Japan in mobile speed, climbing 72 spots to secure the 47th position in the Speedtest Global Index.

5G Revolutionizes Mobile Speed

The introduction of 5G has propelled India's mobile download speeds 3.59 times, with median speeds reaching 50.21 Mbps in August 2023

Global Ranking Ahead of Neighbours

India outpaces neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan, along with G20 nations like the UK, Japan, and Brazil

Operators and Investments

Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel, with 5G deployments and substantial investments, have played a pivotal role in India's speed surge

Telecom Evolution

India's telecom industry's evolution, driven by 5G technology, showcases the nation's commitment to faster and more efficient connectivity