Important Financial Events in October 2023

Events that can have an impact on your finances in October’23. Read more in this story>>

New TCS Structure for Remittances

From Oct 1, international payments up to Rs 7 lakh/year won't have TCS. Rates are unchanged for payments abroad, for educational and medical purposes.

RBI's Policy Repo Rate Decision

RBI did not increase the repo rate in April, June, and August MPCs, which was a relief for home loan borrowers, if RBI raises repo rates in October, it can impact loan interest rates.

Birth Certificates for Aadhar

From Oct 1, birth certificates are essential for Aadhaar, education, marriage registration, and more.

RBI Extends Rs 2,000 Note Deadline

The deadline to exchange or deposit Rs 2,000 notes at banks is extended till Oct 7. They remain legal tender after this deadline.

Smart Festive Spending

Plan your festive shopping wisely. Budget well, track expenses, use partner cards for discounts, and avoid impulsive buying.