Has Byjus Found a Helping Hand?

Manipal Hospital founder is in talks to offer Rs. 300 Crore financial support to Byju’s parent, aiding a larger deal.

Potential $300 Million Investment

Ranjan Pai's total investment could reach $300 million if the deal falls into place.

Boosting Byju’s Working Capital

Amid financial troubles. ₹300 crore in short-term financing can bolster Byju’s cash flow and working capital needs.

Strategic Cost-Cutting Measures

Byjus trims senior management and staff to optimize working capital requirements.

Facilitating Share Swap

The transaction involves Aakash’s founders exchanging shares with Think & Learn, potentially raising the stake to 51%.

Byju’s Resolving Financial Obligations

Efforts are underway to settle a $1.2 billion overseas loan, exploring asset sales for repayment.