Global Brands Spending Big Bucks on Cricket World Cup

ICC Cricket World Cup starts today & brands are jumping for ad slots

Cricket World Cup in India

The tournament offers a billion+ viewership, with India's cricket fervour making it a golden opportunity for advertisers.

Advertising Bonanza: Rs 2,000 Crore on Streaming

Brands set to spend millions in ads, showcasing India's robust consumer market and economic potential. For a 10-second ad, the cost is expected around Rs. 3 Lakhs.

Cricket's Pinnacle: India's Ad Spending Soars

Cricket commands 85% of sports-related spending, with over $1.5 billion in sponsorship and media rights annually.

Traditional Sectors Rule Airtime

Consumer goods, automobiles, and phones lead the ad charge, as other sectors trim spending due to debt and regulatory concerns.

Household Spending Surge During World Cup

Fans' spending on travel, venues, and takeout orders provides a substantial boost to India's economy.

Festive Season and World Cup: A Double Boost

The tournament coincides with India's festive season, promising strong returns for companies in the December quarter.

A Premier Branding Opportunity

The Cricket World Cup in India captivates the nation, making it an unmissable event for brands and companies alike.