G-20 Summit 2023:  All You Need to Know

G20 Summit will be held between Sep 9-10. Let’s explore the upcoming events.  Read More>>

India's Remarkable Financial Inclusion Achievement

PM Modi shares the World Bank's praise for India's swift financial inclusion via DPI, reducing a 47-year task to just 6.

Pre-Summit Press Conference

Ministry of External Affairs briefs on summit agenda, setting the stage for discussions.

Bilateral Meeting: India-Bangladesh

PM Modi and PM Hasina to address mutual interests, strengthening bilateral ties.

PM Modi meets President Biden

UN SG highlights global G20 importance. PM Modi, Pres. Biden to discuss global, and bilateral concerns.

India-Saudi Arabia Investment Forum

Saudi Arabia and India to co-host investment forum, focusing on key sectors.

Semiconductor Tech Access

China raises concern on access to semiconductor tech, highlighting global implications.Top of Form