Foreign Investors are Booking Profits

Indian equities face first monthly FPI outflows in seven months.  Read More>>

Changing Tides

After six consecutive months of net buying, FPIs take profits in Indian equities, reshaping their investment strategy

Sectoral Shift

Power sector stocks like REC and PFC hit record highs, prompting FPIs to book gains, with $500 million in sales in the first half of September

Metal Market Woes

FPIs continue to shed metal stocks due to a robust USD and sluggish Chinese economy, totalling $549 million in sales in the first half of September

Betting on Financial Services

FPIs show confidence in financials, with $772 million invested in the sector in the first half of September, a reversal from August's selling trend

Sectoral Allocation

Over one-third of FPI investments (33%) are in financial services, followed by IT (10.04%) and Oil & Gas (8.68%), reflecting sector preferences

Impact on the Market

As of September 15, FPIs' Assets Under Custody (AUC) reached $666.3 billion, around 18% of India's total market capitalization, influencing market dynamics

Source – CNBCTV 18