Fed Ready to Raise Rates

Fed Chairman Powell Indicated that they are ready to raise rates if needed. Swipe for more >>

Fed's Focus on Inflation

Fed Chair Powell emphasizes raising rates if required and intends to keep borrowing costs high until inflation is on the desired path of stable 2% inflation targets.

Steady Approach Ahead

Powell suggests a cautious approach in the September meeting, balancing incoming data and evolving outlook.

Policymakers are moving to the new phase, focused on bringing inflation back to the Fed’s 2% target, after aggressive interest rates in 2022.

Shifting Policy Phase

Inflation Progress and Pressures

Inflation has cooled significantly since reaching a four-decade high last year but remains above the 2% target. PCE index is up 3%, with underlying pressures at a 4.1% pace.

Balancing Price Stability

Policymakers are striving for price stability, seeking to cool inflation without triggering a recession.