What is the Digital India Bill?

Overview of the upcoming Digital India Bill, focusing on AI accountability and citizen rights. Read More>>

Addressing Algorithmic Bias

The government of India aims to tackle discriminatory AI algorithms, promoting fairness and transparency.

Modernizing Legislation

The Digital India Bill is to replace the ageing Information Technology Act, bringing comprehensive oversight to the digital landscape.

Citizen's Right to Opt-Out

Citizens may gain the right to opt out of algorithmic decisions, with considerations for digital service exclusions.

Exceptions to Opt-Out

Opt-out may not be applicable in cases mandated or permitted by law, ensuring national interests are upheld.

Human Oversight Mandate

The bill may mandate explanations and user characteristic processing transparency for algorithmic decisions.

Impact on Social Media

Provisions for human oversight could revolutionize content moderation, potentially reshaping platform capabilities.

Anticipated Bill Release

Expectations rise as the government conducts pre-consultations, with a focus on open internet, safety, trust, and accountability.