Demat Account Nomination Deadline

SEBI offers a three-month extension for demat account holders until December 31, streamlining asset protection.

Choice of Nomination

Submission of 'choice of nomination' for trading accounts is now voluntary, aligning with ease of doing business goals.

Protecting Investor Assets

SEBI's move aims to assist investors in safeguarding their assets and facilitating the smooth transfer to legal heirs.

SEBI's Circular

SEBI, after consulting stakeholders, extends the deadline for 'choice of nomination' submission for demat accounts to December 31, 2023.

Physical Security Holders

SEBI grants physical security holders until December 31 to provide PAN, nomination, contact details, bank account info, and specimen signatures for corresponding folio numbers.

Nomination Compliance History

SEBI's nomination deadline initially set for March 31, 2022, has seen multiple extensions, with the latest deadline now being December 31, 2023.