Delta Corp Shares Hit Three-Year Low Mark

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Delta Corp's Stock Plunge

Delta Corp shares drop 9% to Rs 127.30 after a significant GST shortfall notice of Rs 6,384 crore, hitting a three-year low

GST Demand Dispute

Delta Corp challenges the GST demand based on gross bet value, a prevalent issue in the gaming industry. CEO & Executive Director might face penalties

Previous Tax Notice Impact

A previous hefty tax notice caused a 15% stock drop. Global investors seek a review of the 28% gaming tax, while companies resort to layoffs

Industry-Wide Fallout

Delta Corp shares plummet 29% post-government's proposed 28% GST, affecting the gaming industry. The company reports a marginal rise in Q2 profit amid tax reduction

Delta Corp's Struggle

Delta Corp grapples with market repercussions due to a hefty GST shortfall notice, highlighting industry-wide tax challenges and the need for policy review