Bullish Trend in Railway Stocks

IRFC, IRCTC, RVNL, and Ircon show remarkable gains

IRFC Soars

IRFC opens with an upside gap, reaching a new high of ₹66.40.

A 20% rise from the previous day's closing price.

Positive market sentiment boosts IRFC shares

IRCTC's Rise

IRCTC sees an intraday high of ₹704.25, up by 2%.

Opens with an upside gap, reflecting strong investor interest.

Market confidence propels IRCTC's share price

RVNL's Record High

RVNL shares reach a lifetime high of ₹158, a 14.50% intraday gain.

Investor optimism drives RVNL's remarkable performance

Ircon's Upward Trajectory

Ircon hits a new lifetime high at ₹136.70, up by 7%.

A 553.66% surge over 3 years.

Ircon attracts heavy buying interest, showcasing its growth potential.

Railway Stocks Surge in Bullish Trend

IRFC, IRCTC, RVNL, and Ircon exhibit remarkable strength.

Investor confidence and optimistic market sentiment fuel these impressive performances