ADF Foods: Multibagger Journey

ADF Foods, a small-cap multibagger, has delivered a remarkable 700% return over the last three years.  Read more >>

Stock Split Alert

ADF Foods trades ex-split today after announcing a 1:5 stock split, with a record date of September 11, 2023.

Regulatory Compliance

The company follows Regulation 42 of the Listing Regulations for the stock split, enhancing shareholder value.

Year 2023 Uptrend

ADF Foods continues its upward trajectory in 2023, with a 50% year-to-date rise and a 60% surge in the last six months.

Post-Covid Resilience

ADF Foods rebounded post-Covid, surging from ₹140 to ₹1,135, offering over 700% returns to long-term investors.

Multibagger Success

ADF Foods exemplifies the potential of multibagger stocks, rewarding shareholders with substantial gains.

Positional Investors' Delight

Investors who held ADF Foods have reaped significant rewards, making it a standout success story in the Indian stock market.