A SmallCap Company is Creating Waves

Pune-based Elpro International has acquired stakes in popular companies.                                                         Swipe for more>>

Company Background

Elpro International was incorporated in July 1962, in collaboration with General Electric. They manufacture surge arresters and zinc oxide discs.

Market Capitalization

Listed on BSE, they have a market cap of Rs 1,164.66 crore. Their diverse holdings include a high-end residential project in Chinchwad, Pune.

SEBI Regulations

Elpro voluntarily discloses share acquisitions, adhering to SEBI's 5% or more disclosure rule, even though they didn't exceed 5% acquisition on either of the companies.

Share Acquisitions

Pune-based, Elpro International has acquired shares in 3 popular companies: Jio Financial Services, Bombay Stock Exchange, and Manappuram Finance.

Diverse Holdings

Elpro has acquired 1.5 Lakh shares of Jio Financial Services Rs. 3.10 Cr, 3 lakh shares in Manappuram for Rs. 4.20 Cr and 1.07 lakh shares of BSE for Rs. 10 Cr.